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Crisis Management Expert and Author

Delivering a recent crisis lecture. (Photo credit Jessica Paholsky).

Keynote Commencement Address, Penn State University. (Photo credit Harriet Braiker).

Speaker's Bureau

Over the years, Steven Fink has been invited to speak to businesses, business groups, universities and graduate schools of business around the world. His illuminating Crisis Management and Crisis Communications addresses have ranged from keynote speeches on the crisis du jour to confidential half- and full-day seminars and workshops behind closed doors designed to help businesses better prepare in advance for all manner of crises. He also details what to do and say if a crisis cannot be averted.

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In addition, his well-received addresses on Economic Espionage -- the single biggest business crisis in America today -- are eye-opening wake-up calls that show businesses how vulnerable they are to the theft of their trade secrets, from inadvertent but still costly "inside jobs" to intrusion by foreign powers. In addition, he brings the most important message of all: what businesses need to do to protect themselves and their trade secrets, and why businesses may be better off avoiding reporting a theft to the FBI.

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Steven Fink is represented by:

The Martell Agency
1350 Avenue of the Americas, Ste. 1205
New York, NY 10019

(212) 317-2672

Selected Works

In the pitched battled between perception and reality, perception always wins, and this book more than any other tells you how to get perception on your side during a crisis.
The first book ever written on crisis management, and still the gold standard in the field.
The first book to pragmatically examine the cloak and dagger intrigue and business ramifications of economic espionage and trade secret theft since the passage of the landmark Economic Espionage Act of 1996. The case studies in this gripping book read like an espionage novel.